Skill Set overview


Design Reviews

Milestones that compare a design to its requirements by the project team to ensure that the design can be implemented as envisioned.

Human Factors

Rigorous process that takes into account, tests and documents the interactions between customer and how they use a product.

Usability Testing

A practice in user-centered design in which a product is tested with actual users to determine if a product will meet their needs effectively.

Customer Development

A process used in Lean methodology to identify customers, test and validate various hypotheses with customers for product success.

Interaction Design

A practice of designing physical objects, systems, environments or services that explores how a potential user will work within its framework.

Business Analysis

A process used to identify and document product requirements based on the system, users, technical and time constraints

User-centered design process

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Skill Set overview (continued)


Information Architecture

The structural design of content that is planned for current and future needs of the product and allows for users to find information easily.

Data Visualization

The creation, design and placement of visual objects to portray complex information in a simple, straightforward manner.


High-level abstractions of work, process or service that shows linear progressions of how an object moves through a system.


Visual representatives of screen elements that are arranged to show how information is displayed for a particular screen.


Early samples or models of a design that is built to test a concept or product and is used to test and learn from before implementing the design.


Scale and full-size implementations that incorporate ‘look and feel’ of the products to be used to gain feedback and improved as needed.


informed by end-user research, testing and validation

Service Design

Holistic engagement of customer, application and company.

Product Design

Method of creating a new product for a particular customer.

UX / UI Design

The process of creating user-friendly and easy-to-use interfaces.

Visual Design

The ‘look and feel’ appeals in an emotional visual manner